• Investigative Specialists, Inc. Texas private investigators are recognized as leaders in the insurance defense industry providing consultation and insurance defense investigations to insurance companies, third-party administrators (TPA’s), self-insured corporations and defense attorneys. Our continued commitment and dedication have allowed Investigative Specialists, Inc. Texas private investigators to introduce new technologies, develop new and improved business practices and the most efficient and effective resources available to the industry. 

    Our Investigative Team functions as an extension of your business with the sole purpose of minimizing your liabilities and resolving your investigative challenges. We accomplish this by employing experienced investigators from a variety of investigative backgrounds, pooling their resources and knowledge together for you. Overseeing all field operations are experienced case managers and investigative specialists who will assist you throughout the process to provide you with the superior level of support that you the customer demands.

  • Investigative Specialists, Inc. provides all types of insurance related investigations, including:

    • Auto Claim Investigations
    • Property Insurance Claims
    • Workers Compensation Claims
    • Alive & Wellness Investigations
  • Call us today at 833-438-6777 to discuss your type of investigation needs. As always, we offer a free consultation and affordable solutions to any investigative problem and answer the questions that need answering.