• Why Investigative Specialists, Inc.

    ISI takes care to strategically place our staff and partners across the great state of Texas to handle all of your investigative needs at a moment's notice. Supported by our intuitive, easy to use case management system, and vast array of investigative resources, we are always ready to assist.

    Every investigator at Investigative Specialists, Inc. is a dedicated professional with the highest level of training and experience. Investigators are subject to rigorous background checks and verification of experience before being deployed as a member of our team. In addition, investigators go through in-house training to ensure the best possible results.

    Surveillance Features

    • Pre-Investigation Reports with detailed subject profiles and information using a variety of resources to ensure we have the most accurate subject information possible. 
    • Consistent Updates and Live Tracking of the progress of your case through our intuitive and easy-to-use case management system. As facts develop our timely updates will help you measure the impact of the results for your claims. 
    • Evidence Retrieval using our streaming access makes it easy for you to instantly obtain and view video, photos, documents, and reports that we collect throughout the investigation.