• Alive and Well Check

    In-person or telephonic.

    Recorded Statements

    We are able to obtain recorded interviews with your subjects and witnesses in person, by telephone, or through the use of our virtual interview platform. 

    Accident / Job Site

    Site inspections and scene investigations are conducted by expert investigators. We conduct interviews with anyone having knowledge of the incident and obtain photos and video documentation, as well as scene diagrams and all pertinent information related to machinery, vehicles, equipment, and any internal security video coverage.   

    Compensability / AOE-COE

    Claims professionals need all the facts in order to make the most appropriate compensability determination. The facts you need are gathered through focused interviews with claimants, witnesses, co-workers, and subjects. Interviews can be conducted virtual or in person.

    Property Loss

    Loss results from a variety of causes; fire, theft, vandalism, or a variety of natural events. Loss and damage effects auto, residential, and commercial property. Our professional investigators gather and present all the facts you need to determine the most appropriate resolution to these claims. 

    Public Records

    A lot of cases can end up relying on information found in various public records resources. Public records and database resources can play an important role in claims management and assist in preparation for trials and depositions. Records are checked at every level and relevant jurisdiction. Results often reveal a person's relevant driving history, criminal records, bankruptcies, civil records or prior claims history. 

    Field Investigation

    A variety of field services for all lines of insurance that include recorded statements, locate and skip tracing, witness interviews, background checks and due diligence, dependency and wellness checks, and other litigation support services


    In depth investigation into potential third party liability and compensability.  

    Clinic Inspections

    Clinic inspections can reveal a great deal of information regarding activity related to a specific clinic. On site observation can yield valuable information about practicing physicians, nurses and their assistants, equipment used, staff licenses, sign in documentation, treatment, diagnostic records and patient history.  

    Alive and Well Check

    In-person or telephonic.