What are Common Signs of a Cheating Spouse or Cheating Significant Other?

    • Changes in intimacy: Increase and or a decrease in their affection levels, and sexual preferences may hint infidelity.
    • Suspicious phone habits: A spouse that conceals their phone calls or guarded with their call logs including their text messages may indicate possible infidelity.
    • Changes in appearance: A recent change in style of clothing, intimate undergarments and a change in personal hygiene.
    • Suspicious internet use: Much like phone habits, a cheating spouse may be overly secretive when it comes to their browser history and general internet and computer habits.
    • Changes in work routine: It may seem like a cliché when a significant other suddenly out of the ordinary needs to work late, late business meetings or a sudden work conference, these are all common signs of infidelity.
    • Changes in bathing habits: A spouse that showers right when they get home, switches cologne or perfume or changes their grooming habits can be a sign of cheating.


    What Does an Infidelity Investigation Entail? 

    Infidelity and cheating spouse investigations vary based on your needs and objectives along with the investigator conducting your infidelity investigation and therefore, many times, the methods used to catch a cheating spouse, or significant other may include the following:

    • Surveillance - A private investigator can observe and monitor your spouse or significant other through advanced and discreet surveillance methods to make sure that you have the evidence you need. Rather than relying on hearsay or your suspicions, an investigator can help you know the facts.
    • Evidence gathering – Observing a cheating spouse caught on tape is not pleasant, but if an investigator uncovers proof of infidelity activity, such evidence can help or assist you in a positive divorce settlement outcome or can give you the resources you need to confront your spouse or significant other. If a private investigator finds solid proof that your spouse is faithful, the peace of mind can ensure that your relationship survives any suspicion.
    • Professional techniques – When you hire a professional investigator, the investigator will use professional investigative methods to find out whether your spouse is unfaithful or not. They will have access to technology and equipment that the average person would not.

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    • Do you offer free consultation?

      Investigative Specialists, Inc. has always offered free consultations. As a matter of fact, this can be done in person at our office or over the phone. Whatever you decide, you will be informed of your options to get the job done.

    • What are your rates or costs?

      As with other private investigation companies, our rates vary depending on the type of investigation you require and are competitive with other investigation companies in the area. We have no hidden charges and we don’t charge for phone updates, reports or video preparation. We can also work with any budget if reasonable to the type of case you request. Please contact our office directly for a free confidential consultation and we can discuss your case in detail and determine a budget that's affordable and right for you. 

    • What type of information do you need to start my assignment or case?

      When working on any investigation assignment, our office would request everything that you have available for the individual so we could initiate immediate investigative efforts. Of course, information that you may not have available, we will obtain through our initial case preparation. We would also need known schedules which includes work schedule and vehicle information if known. Are there available pictures of the individual?

    • Can video be obtained inside bars and restaurants and other public places of business?

      Our investigators go through extensive expectation of privacy training every quarter and to answer your question, Yes, we can and do legally obtain video of subjects inside many different venues however we base the decision to do so on many factors and it is not always advisable to attempt it. ANY time that it is feasible and reasonable to do so, we will obtain video inside publicly accessible venues. 

    • When will I be updated by the Investigator?

      The investigator assigned to work your case assignment will provide you with repeated updates throughout the day or the requested update schedule you require at the beginning of the case. These updates will be provided by voice, text or email as required by you the client.